After Foreign Ministries

I agree with Hockings in Whither Foreign Ministries in a Post-Western World? that, The existential crisis of diplomacy is a cliché well past its sell-by date. No one seriously doubts the future of diplomats or diplomacy. The position of the foreign ministry is less secure .”  But just how insecure might their position be? I can’t speak to that, but I do wonder what might replace them should they be phased out or suddenly uprooted.

In his article, Hocking mentions the increasing scarcity of resources for ministries as well as structural issues. At that point I started wondering how the market may come into play here. Contracting out our pd, at least with social media aspects may present some interesting solutions. For a moment, ignore USAID’s questionable Zunzuneo project. The actual app was a good idea. While the U.S. doesn’t have a very good record of quality control with contractors, hiring them would take the empiric dilemmas pd thinkers struggle with and make it the market’s problem.


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