The Downside of a Woman President

FOX News anchor Bill O’Reilly recently outlined the downsides of electing a female to the office of President of the United States. Although his program was misogynistic and degrading, O’Reilly’s flawed argument pinpointed concerns that many Americans have expressed with the prospects of a female president. O’Reilly argued that foreign dignitaries and world leaders would refuse to deal with the United States in foreign affairs and diplomacy efforts due to its selection of a female POTUS. As much as I may disagree with this view, it is an interesting suggestion since there is a lack of female representation in public diplomacy.

Would our relations with other countries shift if we have a woman at the lead? Our public diplomacy strategies should remain consistent despite the gender of our elected leader. However, the perception of women in other countries is unfortunately unequal. Any possible female candidate would have to overcome these barriers in order to maintain a consistent perception of United States diplomacy.


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