Russia’s Aid Diplomacy

via Take Five

In “Russia’s Investment Diplomacy“, Jalita comments on an article from the RT about Russia’s new approach to international policy. In the RT article, the author mentions that President Vladimir Putin has outlined the country’s new approach towards foreign policy. According to the government, Russia’s goal is to defend and promote the country’s national interest by focusing on bilateral cooperation through increased aid.

Jalita argues that increased aid will not necessarily soften his (or Russia’s) image with the west due to recent tensions between the United States and Russia. Over the past few months, conflicts in Crimea have strained US-Russia relations. In response, the Russian government has been seeking to gain support from the international community.

Putin’s new approach to foreign policy will not necessarily improve how the American government views the Russian government. However, the country has the potential to foster bilateral cooperation and better relations with other nations through increased aid. Russia’s priority at the moment is to improve relations with members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Nevertheless, the government has to be cautious on the message that it is trying to send out. Will Russia be providing international aid for humanitarian reasons or to simply promote its national interests?

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