Beiber Visits War Shrine

Pop star Justin Bieber recently visited the Yasukuni War Shrine this week. The pop star took pictures which he posted on Instagram and later tweeted, “Thank you for your blessings.” While normally visiting a shrine in Japan would be of little consequence for regular civilians and pop stars alike the Yasukuni shrine is not like other shrines.

Yasukuni is special because it houses the souls of dead members of the Japanese military. This includes the souls of class A war criminals who perpetrated war crimes most notably in China but also in other parts of Asia. After garnering 660,000+ likes Bieber removed the photo and tweet, most likely because someone actually bothered to tell him he had been rebuked by the Chinese Department of Foreign Affairs.

While this is not the first time the Canadian pop star has made headlines in foreign countries for questionable decisions it will most likely not be the last.


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