RT vs. the World

Due to recent events in the Crimean peninsula all eyes are still firmly fixed on Russia even after the Olympics have ended. The media of the world-over is now awash with images of protests and news of separatist referendums that could see Russia and Ukraine come to blows. In the center of all of this is the Russian news outlet RT which has been a major source of news concerning developments in the region. While not only reporting on the news RT has also become a headline, coming under fire by Western news outlets for being biased due to funding from the Russian government. Accusations such as this have been especially pointing after internal division within RT caused one anchor to quit and another to openly criticize RT’s coverage on the crisis in Crimea.

While this critique of RT is not without merit it is important to also look at Western media and its failings as well. Despite being close to the stories many Western news outlets like Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN have also been criticized for having biases towards internal politics. One such major story was the Occupy Wall Street movement which incited a deep rift in the media as to how to cover the movement and the legitimacy of the movement itself. Coincidentally enough Occupy Wall Street was the movement that earned RT an International Emmy nomination for their coverage on the issues.

The similarity between both RT and Western media outlets when it comes to domestic and regional issues is somewhat uncanny. It raises the question as to whether domestic audiences can actually trust news outlets from their own countries when it comes to reporting on domestic issues.


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