Frames and Feedback produced simultaneously On Twitter

I can think of no better place on the web in which one can, with minimal to no effort, compare the various frames used by individuals, states, and organizations. At nearly the same time one can also see the direct contradictions, challenges and rebuttals, said actors issue in defense of their frame or attack of another’s. Twitter’s character limit imposes on users a demand for concision that precludes the use of flowery rhetoric to convey a view and justification. Thus, one can quickly see the incompatibilities, additions, and subtractions to certain arguments while all listed in equally sized boxes in a news feed. The ease of response also facilitates a very open, sometimes too open back and forth. In times of heightened state tensions, it is especially amusing to see how state mouth piece news organizations which may have been doing benign coverage beforehand  seemingly  and suddenly transform their whole ethos, pitching their valued journalistic credibility right out of the window in place of strongly help beliefs on what is happening in the world. 

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