War Memorial Provokes International Lawsuit

Japan has recently filed legal action in the United States against the town of Glenmont California for the removal of a monument honoring “comfort women” who were forced to serve the Japanese army during World War II. The Japanese government has called it “false propaganda” that will result in racial discrimination against Japanese people in the Glenmont area as well as surrounding areas of the United States. This push-back against charges of comfort women during World War II isn’t an isolated incident, as current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also opened up revisions to a statement made in 1993 concerning the role of the Japanese military and their treatment of South Korean and Chinese women during World War II.

In the wake of these demands the White House has received two online petitions, one in favor of removal and the other in favor of keeping the monument. Both currently number over 100,000 signatures. Whether nor not the federal government will now intercede on behalf of the Japanese government is questionable, as previous comments from the White House have indicated disappointment in Japanese handling of the Yasukuni war shrine as well as a “revisionist” attitude towards Japanese war history.


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