Using Vine for Cultural Diplomacy


Last week I stumbled upon something interesting while scrolling through Twitter. A tweet from the Digital Diplomacy Coalition invited people to share their culture by participating in a “Vine-A-Thon” during Social Media Week (February 12-21). For those of you who do not know what Vine is, it is a mobile app that allows users to create and post short looping video clips. To participate in Vine-A-Thon, all one had to do was include #DiploVine on their post, so that it may be shared with other people who are also participating. And of course, the more creative the post it, the more response it will receive.

One of the things I thought was interesting was how “new media” was incorporated into public diplomacy, specifically cultural diplomacy, to share cultures between people. Many people in today’s society are involved with new media, especially those from younger generations. Over the past few years, an increasing number of people are starting to use social media, not only for personal entertainment but also to share information with others. In the case of public diplomacy, new media can definitely be used to help foster relations between nations.



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