Tone deaf P.D.

The video link above was posted by the Israeli Embassy in the U.S. during the increased period of violence the winter of 2012. Although this came up a little more than a year ago it is still worth mentioning because it left that bad of a taste in my mouth . The goal of this video was primarily to prevent Abbas from pursuing action through the UN. In order for this to happen the US government had to be prompted to exert some pressure in Abbas’ direction to back down from that course of action. My issue isn’t with the goal, it’s with the message used to pursue that objective, and its delivery.

Who the heck decided that the best way to prompt action in the American public concerning the issue was to mock it up using South Park animation? I was unsure weather to chuckle or vomit at the caricature. The video did nearly all it could to paint Abbas as a bullheaded reckless driver, endangering the bus of the helpless Palestinian women and children. The cherry on top was the plea at the very end of the video to tell Abbas to come back to the table. Yes, I’m sure the very public that is stirred to action by this image of Abbas is just the perfect actor to coax Abbas back to the table. In reality, Abbas was strong armed, and strong arming comes from the state side of things. US interest in Israel is already strong enough that the production of this questionable piece of P.D. was more an exercise in futility.


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