Aloha Diplomacy

Public Diplomacy is an interesting and critical part of US foreign policy. However in a large country such as the United States, there are often times separate and distinct cultures within our society. A great example of this is Hawaii. Although it is one of the 50 states, Hawaii has its own distinct food, music, and language. Our guest speaker, Paul Rockower, wrote about this type of public diplomacy in a recent blog post. Paradiplomacy, he writes, is when a sub-national actor such as a state or a region has its own diplomacy and public diplomacy strategies.

In his article and his class discussion, Rockower discusses how diplomacy and public diplomacy are very different entities. Although I do agree they have varying approaches and goals, I have to disagree that they are completely separate from each other. Based on the article by Nicholas Cull, he cites there are five major elements to any public diplomacy strategy. They are, listening, advocacy, cultural diplomacy, exchange diplomacy, and international broadcasting. Although they are specific to PD, these five elements seem to me to be integral to any diplomacy campaign. And although I recognize this might not be the case, I like to think that aspects such as listening are included in every diplomatic mission both here in the US and abroad.

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